Senior Software Engineer

Singapore Contract

RedMart is Singapore's largest online grocery marketplace. We are a part of Alibaba-backed Lazada, Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping and selling platform. Our online marketplace offers over 100,000 grocery and household essentials items with the convenience of home delivery 7 days a week.

Our software engineers work on broad range of interesting problem. We develop software for all parts of our business: consumer experience, e-commerce, supply chain, third-party marketplace, warehouse operations, and transport logistics. We are currently looking for strong freelancers to quickly join our teams on a contract basis and accelerate delivery of critical projects. You should be a software engineer who cares deeply about customers and users, knows how to build rock solid systems and values simplicity.

What do we look for in a contract candidate?


    • Expertise with our tech stack. 7+ years of Java and/or Scala development.
    • Experience building and running systems using a microservices architecture. In AWS a plus.
    • Experience with SQL Server, Postgres or Oracle schema design and performance optimization.
    • Experience with MongoDB a plus.
    • Experience with messaging systems, such as RabbitMQ.


  • Breadth and depth of technology experience and strong technical and product judgement.
  • Track record of following good engineering and testing practices



  • Track record of successfully delivering complex, impactful projects in previous consulting engagements. Experience with eCommerce a plus.
  • Ability to start the contract at most 2 weeks from signing.
  • Ability to work a minimum 20 hours per week. 40+ preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

At RedMart you will

  • Play a key role in a cross-functional team of software engineers and product managers.
  • Design, implement and test robust technical solutions that our 24/7 store and operations can rely on. Write clean code that’s testable, maintainable, solves the right problem and does it well.
  • Work with smart, talented engineers who can learn from you and vice versa.
  • Work with modern tech like Scala, Akka Actors, Java 8 microservices, all running in AWS.
  • Work on a product and service your friends and family in Singapore know and recognize.

Solve one of these challenges to jump to the front of the queue when applying.

Our Tech

We develop on a modern technology stack that focuses on enabling engineers to be productive and impactful. Although we use Amazon Web Services, we use open source software where possible.

  • Microservices written in Java8 or Scala using Play Framework or Akka, and occasionally NodeJS.
  • React or AngularJs for web apps
  • Native Objective C/Swift and Android for mobile apps
  • MongoDB or Postgres for storage.
  • RabbitMQ for messaging.
  • AWS infrastructure, with HAProxy, Nginx, Redis. Chef deployments.
  • GitHub, Travis CI and Trello, Slack for development tools.
  • Testing with JUnit, ScalaTest, FrisbyJS, Calabash and Selenium.
  • Kinesys, Spark and AWS Redshift for our data infrastructure.

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