Capacity Planner

Singapore, Singapore Full-time

Job Purpose

Assist in leading development of Fulfilment Centre and Transport operations planning models in order to support building operational capability. Consolidate human and mechanical resource requirements for Operations team in detail. Identify operations capacity needed to be built by actively involving & leading S&OP meetings

Scope and Responsibilities

  • Lead and maintain operations work plan for short and long term driven by sales forecast and historical data. Consolidate all plans for capacity determinants in operations, e.g., pick units, totes, trolleys, trucks, pickers, RF guns, MHE, pallet trucks, tote linings, plates, labels, bags etc.
  • Create plan with horizons covering 12 months,  6 months, 3 months at daily level while focusing on accuracy for the near term planning.
  • Incorporate seasonal and promotional plans into the capacity model and ensure resource requirements are planned and arranged in time to support all promotions.
  • Maintain weekly operations performance and compare it against the plan. Make changes to the plan moving forward.
  • Maintain and update the operations cost models master and track on a continuous basis.
  • Identifying opportunities for improving planning processes.
  • Adjusting operational plans where and when there is a need to.

Skills and Competencies

  • Degree (Bachelor / Masters) in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering with focus on Operations or Supply Chain Management
  • A good understanding of warehouse and transport operations
  • Detail, service oriented, friendly, professional and a solid team player
  • Desire to learn and seek new challenges
  • Self-motivated, structural and systematic problem solving skills
  • Ability to motivate and influence others, including key stakeholders
  • Good at MS Excel and SQL is a plus

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